Visit The Bottom Lounge In Chicago

Residents of 13Thirteen Randolph Street Lofts can jam out with some of the best musicians touring today at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge. In the coming months alone, residents can see GZA, Save Ferris, Fishbone, and many others. Plus, it’s less than half a mile away, so no need to worry about parking; it’s only a four-minute walk to […]

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Learn About Wine In Chicago

Going back to school doesn’t have to mean textbooks and tests. It could mean wine glasses and cheese platters! Have you always wanted to learn more about wine, but didn’t know where to start? These wineries and wine shops are right near the 13Thirteen Randolph Street Lofts and offer both wine tastings and tours of their facilities. […]

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Dine At A Great Restaurant In Chicago

European cuisine is as diverse as the countries that make up Europe. Meat is an essential ingredient in many of the dishes and seasonings and sauces also play an important role. If you would like to enjoy some European fare near 13Thirteen Randolph Street Lofts, Chicago is home to several great restaurants that serve a variety of […]

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Dine Out At A Steakhouse In Chicago

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, an engagement, a graduation, or some other special occasion, a classic steakhouse meal is in order. 13Thirteen Randolph Street Lofts are near many high-end steakhouses, but here are a few of the best for special occasions. Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf 218 W. Kinsie Street The quiet atmosphere of this steakhouse makes […]

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